Vegan Instantized BCAA Powder (2:1:1)

    Microencapsulated BCAAs powder is the most important and the most effective nutritional supplements. After processing with microencapsulation techlogy and spray drying, BCAAs powder has more applications. 

Description of Vegan Instantized BCAA Powder

Vegan Instantized BCAA Powder is a mixture of THREE branched-chain amino acids formulated in the 2:1:1 ratio of L-leucine: L-isoleucine: L-valine. The product is manufactured by a patented microencapsulation process with sunflower lecithin. The L-leucine is from fermentation.

Wincobel supply high quality products specifications: 

Vegan Instantized BCAA Powder (2:1:1)

Packaging: Packaged in the 25kg net cardboard drum, packed with the double layer polyethylene bag as the liner.

Storage and Handling: Store in a dry place and keep away from strong odors at room temperature.

Shelf Life: Two years in the original package. It is recommended to use the entire content after opening.