Vitamin D3 100/200/500/850 CWS Beadlet

Vitamin D3 is fat soluble Vitamins products, not soluble in water. After processing with microencapsulation techlogy and spray drying, Vitamin D3 has more applications. 

Wincobel supply the products specifications:

1> Vitamin D3 100 CWS Beadlet

2> Vitamin D3 200 CWS Beadlet

3> Vitamin D3 500 CWS Beadlet

4> Vitamin D3 850 CWS Beadlet

5> Customized

Description: Micro Beadlets; dispersible in cold water

Applications: Used for fortification of food(dry & water-base), beverage(liquid & solid) etc. Also can be used in Tablets and hard Capsules.