Cactus Extract (Hoodia Extract)

    Cactus are mainly distributed in the southern United States and the southeast coastal areas, the west Indies, Bermuda and northern South America, southern China and southeast Asia and other tropical and subtropical regions of arid region. It called "Desert hero flower" growing in the desert and dry enviroment. Cactus Extract main function is to weight loss, lower blood sugar, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect.

Products name: Cactus Extract Cactus.jpg

Synonyms: Hoodia Extract

Plant Sources: Roots and stems of Cactus (Opuntia dillenii Haw) 

Active Ingredients: tetrahydroisoquinoline, phenyl-containing chain hydrocarbon amines, malic acid, succinic acid, mucus, triterpenoid saponin

Stems contain quercetin-3-glycoside, resins, proteins, etc.

Structural Formula



CAS Number 91-21-4 

Molecular Formula C9H11N

Molecular weight 133.19

Characteristics Yellow powder


Extract ratio 12:1, 20:1, 100:1 or customized


Weight loss, Inhibitory effect on fat accretion

To lower blood sugar 

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity 

Application: Functional Food, Health care products, cosmetic and pharmaceutical material

Application Example

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