Apple Extract

    Apple originated in central Europe, southeast, central Asia and xinjiang, China.  Apple is one of the most common fruits, the king of temperate fruits.    

    Apple Extract is an extraction outcome through column chromatography and other purified procedures from apple skin squeezed juice. It contains polyphenol, chlorogenic acid, B2, phloridzin and other active ingredients. The further process can make the phloridzin to phloretin. 


Products name: Apple Extract  20160113110647.jpg

Plant source: apples (Malus pumila Mill.)

Active Ingredient: 

Apple Polyphenols, Phloridzin, Phloretin

Structural Formula


                       Phloridzin                                             Phloretin


1.Antioxidant anti-aging 

2.Assists in maintaining weight loss; Helps support a healthy immune system. 

3.Prevent dental decay, erase bad breath 

4.Whiten skin, lose weight ( inhibit body fat accumulation) 

5.Helps the hair grow; Helps maintain respiratory health. 

6.Helps maintain healthy cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure levels. 

7.Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.


1> Apple Polyphenols 40-90%   UV

2> Phloridzin 10-98%   HPLC

3> Phloretin 50%-98%   HPLC