Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus is a traditional Chinese Herbal medicines(TCM) for more than 2000years in China, Astragalus may interact with medications that suppress the immune system, such as cyclophosphamide. It may also affect blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Some Astragalus species can be toxic.  Astragalus

Products Name: Astragalus Root Extract

Synonyms: Astragalus Extract; Astragalus Membranaceus Extract; Astragalus Propinquus Extract; Milk Vetch Root Extract

Plant Source: Root of Astragalus Membranaceus(fisch)Bge

Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides; Astragaloside IV

Characteristics: Brown yellow or Wihte powder


1> Polysaccharides 10-70%   UV

2> Astragaloside IV 0.3-98% HPLC

3> Extraxt ratio 5:1 or as required

Functions and benefits

1. Astragalus extract can adjust immunity and have antitumor effect;

2. Cure chronic nephritis, albuminuria and diabetes;

3. Astragaloside can used as feed additive, may cure a series of poultry diseases;

4. Astragalus extract can protect liver, regulate blood sugar and have antiviral effect;  

5. Astragaloside have function of anti-bacterial. 


1. As added ingredients of medicines for improving immunity, benefiting spleen and kidney and treating impotence, it is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products.

2. Applied in cosmetic field, it is able to nourish and cure the skin.