Bitter Melon Extract

    Bitter melon(Active Ingredient is Charantin) plays an important role to weight lose, regulating blood sugar, blood lipid, blood pressure. 

Products name: Bitter Melon Extract  kugua.jpg

Synonyms: Momordica Charantia Extract; Bitter Gourd Extract; Balsam Pear Extract

Plant source: Momordica charantia 

Active Ingredient: Charantin

Characteritics: White powder


1> Charantin 10-25%   UV

2> Extract ratio 10:1 or customized


1)it has been used to combat cancer, asthma, various skin infections,and the common cold.

2)it is also used to fight diabetes, and as an anti-viral to HIV.

3)bitter melon extract helps increase production of beta cells by the pancreas, repair beta cells, and stimulate restoring function of pancreas

Applications: Tablets or Capsules of Pharmaceutical, functional food and Health products

Application Example

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Bitter Melon Tablets

Health Care: Make your own Bitter melon and apple beverage in Summer

Material: Fresh Bitter melon  0.5PC,  Fresh Apple 1.0PC, Ice water 250ml, Honey as required

1> Fresh bitter melon without the pulp

2> Put bitter melon slices into salts water to soak for 10 minutes, remove part of the bitter

3> Fresh Apple(without peel) cut into small pieces

4> Put the apple pieces and bitter melon(without salts water) into food processer, add ice water to food processer and activating 30 second.

5> Mixture filter into the cup, add honey to make drinking.

 Enjoy your drinking