Broccoli Extract

Product Name: Broccoli Extract   Broccoli

Synonyms: Broccoli Seed Extract

Plant source: Seeds of Brassica oleacea

Active Ingredient: Sulforaphane; Glucoraphanin

Structural Formula

       Sulforaphane                         Glucoraphanin

    Sulforaphane                                                            Glucoraphanin

CAS number: 142825-10-3                                CAS number: 21414-41-5

Molecular Formula: C6H11NOS2                     Molecular Formula:C12H22NO10S                            

Molecular Weight: 177.29                                   Molecular Weight: 437.51

Characteritics: Light Yellow powder or Brown liquid


1> Glucoraphanin 0.5-50%   HPLC   CAS number 21414-41-5

2> Sulforaphane 0.5-98%   HPLC   CAS number 142825-10-3

Description of Broccoli

Broccoli for 1-2 years herbaceous plants, native to the eastern Mediterranean coast, widely distributed in the world by now, has become one of the main vegetables everyday. Broccoli containing protein, sugar, fat, vitamin and carotene nutritious substance, known as "crown" vegetables. 

Sulforaphane and Glucoraphanin, as known as the  most excellent anticancer effect substance, is extracted from Broccoli Seed. Sulforaphane is an organosulfur compound that exhibits anti-cancer, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties in experimental models. It is obtained from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cabbages. Glucoraphanin is a glucosinolate found in broccoli and cauliflower.

Function and benefits of Broccoli Extract

Reducing the risk of cancer

Protecting from heart disease

Treating the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

Improving respiratory function for asthma sufferers

Anti-prostate cancer

Antidiabetic and antimicrobial 

Function and benefits of Sulforaphane

1. With strong light protective effect, it can inhibit reaction of acute scytitis effectively.

2. Effectively inhibit AP-1 that ultraviolet ray activates, resisting light ageing.

3. Effectively prevent skin cancer caused by ultraviolet light.

4. Prevent breast cancer, especially for lung cancer, esophagus cancer,gastric carcinoma,it can block them successfully and evidently, as well as prevent the transmit of gastric carcinoma from gastric ulcer to atrophic gastritis.

5  Help remove lung bacteria.

6. Prevention and cure for gout, good for relieving swelling and pain of arthritis.

Application of Broccoli Extract   

1. Health care products: soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet and other dosage forms;

2. Cosmetic: cream, skin milk, drug.

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