Ginseng Berry Extract

Ginseng berry is from fruit of Panax ginseng, fruit is a small berry, nearly drupaceous, and red when ripe in autumn. Besides all the ingredients of ginseng root, such as ginsenosides, protein, amino acid, polysaccharides, etc,  it contains berry ginsenosides especially Re abundantly - bioactive factors that aid diabetic & obesity.

Products Name: Ginseng Berry Extract

Synonnyms: Panax Ginseng berry(fruit) extract

Plant source: Fruit of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer

Active Ingredient: Ginsenoside

Characteristics: Light violet red powder or brown-yellow powde


Ginsenosides 40%-50%HPLC ( 60%-80% UV ) (100% soluble in water, Brown-yellow Powder)

Ginsenosides 30%-40%HPLC ( 60%-80% UV ) (100% soluble in water, Light Violet Red Powder)

Functions and Benefits

The experiments report by the Chicago University of United States shows that the results clearly demonstrate that Panax ginseng berry extract significantly improves glucose homeostasis. The fasting blood glucose levels started to decrease after 5 days of treatment and became completely normal by day 12. More importantly, the IPGTT results normalized after treatment. Dosedependent antidiabetic effects of ginsenoside Re were also observed in ob/ob mice. Our results showed that lean littermate controls were not sensitive to the glucose-lowering effects caused by the extract and ginsenoside Re. The present study demonstrated that administration of Panax ginseng berry significantly improved systemic insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis in ob/ob mice. Our results support overall in vivo antihyperglycemic and anti-obese activity of the extract that may prove to be of clinical importance in improving the management of type 2 diabetes.

The clinical study results of type II diabetes treatment had revealed: take the extraction of ginseng berry (the ginseng berry ginsenosides content was above 30.0%) 50mg everyday, after 4 weeks, some indexes of the patient such as the fasting blood-sugar level, losing weight, etc, had exhibited variable degrees of decrease. Especially some other clinical symptoms such as over-drinking, polyphagia, diuresis, insomnia and vertigo, etc. have been improved in variable degrees.

Ginseng berry extract changes the metabolism pattern of rats, through activating ATP provision system. Ginseng berry extract itself can promote insulin releasing of pancreas in vitro, and promote insulin releasing induced by glucose. The dose-effect curve of ginseng berry extract and insulin releasing appears S type. In animal experiment with feedstuff added with ginseng berry extract, researchers found that ginseng berry extract influenced the direction of hepatic metabolism, through functioning on enzyme system.


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