Gymnema Extract

Product Name: Gymnema Extract Gymnema Sylvestre

Synonyms: Gymnema Leaf Extract; Gymnema sylvestre extract; Native Gymnema Extract

Plant source: Stems and leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre. L

Active Ingredient: Gymnemic Acid

CAS number: 90045-47-9

Characteristics: Light Brown Powder


Gymnemic Acid 25% 50%   HPLC


Gymnema is a large perennial tropical woody vines,distributed in India,Vietnam, South of China, Indonesia, and Australia. 

Gymnema extract is one of the major botanicals being administered for those suffering from diabetes, in boosting insulin levels and controlling healthy blood sugar levels. It has unique property to directly mask the tongue's ability to taste sweet foods; at the same time suppresses glucose absorption from the intestine.

Function and Benefits

1. Keep down the sweet

2. Moderating blood sugar,balancing the level of Human insulin

3. Loss weight prevent decayed tooth

4. Lescol, Anti- atherogenic.


Pharmaceutical/Functional food /Water-soluble beverages/Health products as capsules or pills.