Cassia Nomame Extract

Products name: Cassia Nomame Extract 20160114655933.jpg

Plant Resource: Whole Herb of Cassia nomame

Active Ingredient: Flavanol

    Cassia Nomame or Chamercrista Nomame is a plant that classified into the Chamaecrista genus and family of the Fabaceae. This plant is widely grown in the cherry country of Japan. The medicinal properties of this plant has been well documented in pharmacology for certain health benefits, specially to lose weight.



Flavanols extract from Cassia Nomame is a natural lipase inhibitor, which inhibits the lipase enzyme that breaks down fat for absorption. With this enzyme "blocked" from doing its job, fat passes through the body unabsorbed. Cassia Nomame also acts as a natural diuretic providing thermogenesis action to stimulate the burning of fat cells within the body.

Characteritics: Brwon yellow powder


1> Flavanol 8%,16%

2> Extract ratio 10:1 or customized