Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract

    Chrysanthemum Indicum(Ye Ju Hua in Chinese Pinyin name) is dried flower, mainly cultivated in China.  Chrysanthemum Indicum tea, as a traditional Chrysanthemum tea, is deeply liked by people. Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract(Active Ingredient is Chrysanthemum Flavone) be used to  lower blood pressure, treating sore pain, dizziness and so on.


Products name: Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract

Synonyms: Wild Chrysanthemum Extract; Chrysanthemum Flower Extract

Plant Source: Flower of Chrysanthemum indicum L. (Fam. Compositae)

Active Ingredient: Flavone

Characteritics: Brown yellow powder


1> Flavone 12%   UV

2> Extract ratio 10:1 / 20:1 / 30:1 or customized


It helps relieve cough, and lower anxiety and blood pressure.

It is use for dizziness, ocular inflammation, and skin boils.

It has strong effects to against abnormal cells.

It can antoxident and improve the immuse system.

It can clearing away the heat and toxic materials ,dispelling the wind and   calm the liver, it is also can cure the respirtory infection.

Traditional Chrysanthemum Indicum Tea

The flowers have been shown scientifically to have antibacterial, antifungal and hypertensive effects.

Making method: 

Dried flower with a cup of hot boiling water, stewing about ten minutes; Add rocky drink brown sugar or honey.

Suit to match with the following drugs wild chrysanthemum flower, hawthorn, mulberry leaf, honeysuckle.