Andrographolide inhibits intimal hyperplasia of vein graft

    Chinese herbal medicine extract of Andrographis paniculata in a can, at the level of transcription inhibits intimal hyperplasia of vein graft. The First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University cardiovascular surgical director Professor Liu Hongyu led the " completion of andrographolide on neointimal hyperplasia of venous autografts in rats the effect of " research papers, published a few days ago in the latest issue of the United States of America " cell biochemistry and Biophysics " magazine.

    Studies have shown, experimental coronary artery thrombosis in dogs with acute myocardial infarction intravenous doses of Andrographis paniculata flavonoids, can significantly improve the epicardium electrocardiogram. By this revelation, Liu Hongyu research group established a rat autologous vein graft model, in two days before operation to andrographolide gavage, while a control group with saline. In transplant recipients with different time were observed, vein graft neointima area and the membrane area ratio, as well as the protein factor P65, E- selectin, matrix metalloproteinase -9 protein, messenger ribonucleic acid ( mRNA ) and the expression of. In addition, take on the side of the external jugular vein as the normal controls.

    The observation results showed, in autogenous vein grafts in rats to the artery, vein graft intimal hyperplasia appeared. Compared with the control group, the experimental group after operation of andrographolide apparent keep within limits neointimal hyperplasia. Further studies indicated, the experimental group andrographolide can effectively inhibit nuclear transcription factor -kappa of B, P65 protein and messenger ribonucleic acid expression, and can obviously inhibit E- selectin, matrix metalloproteinase -9 protein expression. The inhibition of intimal hyperplasia of vein graft mechanism is through nuclear transcription factor -kappa in B signal pathway, inhibition of E- selectin, matrix metalloproteinase -9 protein and messenger ribonucleic acid expression.

    After coronary artery bypass grafting " graft " restenosis, has been the impact of long-term outcome of major issues. And andrographolide inhibits intimal hyperplasia in autogenous vein graft, is expected to reduce bypass " graft " restenosis rate.