Flaxseed Lignans(Flaxseed Extract) against cancer

    Flaxseed(also known as Common Flax or Linseed) rich contain fiber and Omega-3 linolenic acid, no Cholesterol. Flaxseed has been in existence for over five thousand years in human history, it belongs to the seeds, growth around the world. 

   The scientists see the tiny reddish-brown seed, rich in estrogenlike compounds called lignans. Lignans has the Bioactivities, Phytoestrogen. Lignans is a antioxidant and a excellent ingredient to against breast cancer, prostate cancer, hair loss, and acne. You can flavor your muffins with flaxseed, but the easiest way to get the beneficial lignans is to sprinkle a few tablespoons of ground flaxseed on your morning cereal. 

    With the development of modern science and technology, the lignans is extracted from the flaxseed, we called Flaxseed Extract. Flaxseed Extract is one kind of phytoestrogen which is extracted from natural flaxseed. The main ingredient is secoisolariciresinol diglucoside, usually is called as SDG  or Flaxseed Lignans. Flaxseed Lignans is an anti-oxidant phytochemical present in flax. It is a precursor of mammal lignans and a phytoestrogen, has estrogenic and antioxidant activities. It also has ntiestrogenic, anticarcinogenic, antiatherogenic and antidiabetic activities. 

    We made diffrent specifications of SDG(Flaxseed Lignans) applicant for the diffrent usage such as SDG 20%, SDG 40% and SDG 50% etc. Please click the chain http://www.wincobel.com/standardized/Flaxseed_Extract.html , you will get more details.