American Ginseng Extract

English name: Ginseng Root Extract 20160110892479.jpg

Latin name: Panax quiquefolium L

Plant Source: Dry Root of American ginseng which belong to the Araliaceous plants of Panax quiquefolium L 

Funtions: Studies have shown that ginseng products (mainly ginsenoside) have the following roles.

1. Roles in human central nervous system, including sedative effect, promoting nerve growth, anti-convulsion, ani-pain, anti-pyretic effect. 

2. Roles in the cardiovascular system, including anti-arrhymia, anti-myocardial ischemla and reperfusion injury effect.

3. Roles in the blood system, including anti-hemolysis and hemostasis, reducing blood clotting, inhibiting platelet aggregation, hypolipidemic, anti-atherosclerosis, reducing blood sugar and so on.

4. Roles in adaptogen effect (dual-direction regulation), including anti-fatique, anti-hypoxia ischemia, anti-shock, anti-hungry-and-thirsty.

5. Roles in the immune system, including promoting lymphocyte transformation, including the generation of immune factors, enhancing collective immune funcion.

6. Roles in the endocrine system, including promoting serum protein synthesis, promoting bone marrow protein synthesis, promoting organ protein synthesis, promoting brain protein synthesis and fat synthesis, promoting stem cell protein (RNA polymerase activity) synthesis, promoting fat metabolis and glucose metablolism.

7. Roles in the urinary system, anti-diuretic effect.


1> Ginsenosides 5-50% HPLC

2> Ginsenosides 5-50% HPLC

     Products Features: 

     Low pesticide residue: Lowder than EP or USP standards, Procymidone 10 ppb NMT