Evening Primrose Oil Powder (Omega-6)

    Microencapsulated Evening Primrose Oil Powder contain gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), an omega-6 essential fatty acid that human body converts to the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), has many important functions for human body.

    Microencapsulated Evening Primrose Oil Powder is a nutritional supplement or nutritional enhancer, widely used in food, health food, dairy products and beverages applications, Microencapsulated Evening Primrose Oil Powder has the outstanding use advantages than Evening Primrose Oil. 

Evening Primrose

Products name: Evening Primrose Oil Powder

Plant source: Seeds of Oemnothera glaziouiana Mich

Material source: Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Active ingredient: gamma-Linolenic Acid (Ω-6)

Structural Formula

gamma-Linolenic Acid

CAS Number: 506-26-3

Molecular formula: C18H30O2

Molecular weight: 278.43

Characteritics: Off-white or slight yellow-white free flowing powder, CWS(cold water soluble).


Evening Primrose Oil Powder gamma-Linolenic Acid (Ω-6)

Funtion of Evening Primrose oil powder

Anti-Inflammatory may Improve rheumatoid arthritis

May help relieve women’s hormonal symptoms

May help improve skin conditions

May help cancer prevention and diabetics

Prevent damage from multiple sclerosis

Help Alzheimer’s related memory deficiencies

Prevent alcohol withdrawal symptom

Advantages of Microencapsulated Evening Primrose Oil Powder VS traditional Evening Primrose Oil

1> Protecting an active ingredient during food processing and storage

2> Improved handling of the active ingredient, for example, conversion of liquid in solid

3> Masking off-taste, odor and color

4> Creating textural and flavor effects

5> Control of active ingredient release. 

6> More convenient handling during processing

7> Raises the additional values of production, extending the whole supply chain. 

8> Increases the complexity of processes and characterization of fortified products.

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