Common Phellinus Fungus Extract

    Phellinus linteus and igniarius mushroom is a kind of mushroom with magical medical properties. Besides the anti-cancer effect of Phellinus linteus and igniarius mushroom, researcher also found that polysaccharide could exterminate cancer cells and foreign substances that intruded from the outside by revitalizing the functions of various organs that are weakened due to the radio logy/chemical therapy during the treatment, minimizing the side effects such as vomiting, weight reduction, mistrial and fallen hair, and enhancing the immune function that is weakened the body by the surgical operation such as the removal of cancer growth.  Phellinus


Product name: Common Phellinus Fungus Extract

Synonyms: Phellinus Extract; Phellinus Linteus Extract; Phellinus Igniarius Extract; Phellinus Vaninii Extract; China Phellinus Fungus Extract; Phellinus Mushroom Extract

Plant source: 

Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides

Characteristics: Brown Powder



Polysaccharides 25%   UV

Function and Benefits

Antimimicrobial, anti-cancer, anti-oxidization, anti-cofibration


As a dietary supplement used for food & health care products.




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