Flammulina Velutipes Extract

    Flammulina Velutipes (Jin Zhen Gu in Chinese Pinyin name), as a edible mushroom, are known by the name golden needle mushroom, lily mushroom or Enokitake mushrooms.  Flammulina Velutipes Extract promote growth of Children, accelerate intelligence development and helps to cure hepatitis. 

Product Name: Flammulina Velutipes Extract 

Latin Name: Flammulina velutiper (Fr.) 

Plant source: Sporocarp

Active Ingredient: Flammukinan(FVP)

CAS number 37339-90-5 

Molecular Formula: C42H72O36 

Molecular Weight: 1152.9995

Characteritics: Brown yellow powder


Flammukinan 10-40%  UV



1.contain zinc, can promote children's brain development and intelligence.

2.For prevention and treatment of liver disease and stomach, intestinal ulcers.And also for patients with hypertension, obesity and eating in the elderly, because it is a low sodium high potassium food. 

3. Suppress elevated blood lipids, lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease.


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